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Benign paroxysmal positional vertigo can be eliminated with the help of estradiol medications, as well as special physical therapy exercises. Naturally, before prescribing treatment, the causes of the development of pathology should be accurately determined.

With high intensity paroxysmal dizziness, treatment is carried out with bed rest. In particularly difficult cases, surgery may be required. Medications for benign positional vertigo are used during the acute and severe course of the attack. After taking medications, treatment continues with the help of positional maneuvers that help stabilize the functionality of the vestibular apparatus, increase its endurance, and improve a person�s balance. Exercises can also reduce the intensity of dizziness, as well as reduce the frequency of their occurrence.

As for drug therapy, the patient may be prescribed such drugs. Neurologist and chiropractor Anton Kinzersky talks about the stages of treatment and diagnosis. Cutting some selected nerve fibers into weighttibular apparatus. Treatment using filling of estradiol, in which crystals cannot get inside. Laser destruction of the vestibular apparatus or its complete removal from the affected side.

Benign paroxysmal positional vertigo can be eliminated fairly quickly with surgical intervention. However, such treatment can cause irreversible consequences. For example, those nerve fibers that have been cut cannot be restored back. After destruction, it is also unlikely that the vestibular apparatus will be regenerated. Exercise to combat dizziness. Paroxysmal dizziness can be eliminated by regular exercise, which promotes faster dissolution of estrace pills. In this case, treatment can be carried out without the use of medications. This is useful if childhood is a contraindication to the use of medications.